Mollösundsljus is a family company that makes candles of high quality.

The factory was founded a couple of decades ago, in the old fishing-community of Mollösund -- hence the name.

In October 2006 we took over the company, and moved the whole business to Ellös

At Mollösundsljus You can find candles of all sorts, Blå-vita ljusfor instance antique candles, casted candles and church candles, just to name a few. We deliver to several shops and churches.

Our speciality is Lantern-candles of Bohuslän, Bohus-candles and Honeysuckle-candles. These candles are with their colours from the nature of Bohuslän.

Fabriksport Ljus

We also sell candles at the factory. You are welcome here to be inspired by our multitude of colours and shapes.

Would You like to design Your own candle to a birthday, baptism or wedding? Would Your company or your sports-club like to have uniquely designed candles with a special colour?

Don't hesitate to come to us -- we can satisfy most of Your wishes!

Light a candle and let it burn ... ...

Welcome to us in Ellös!
Helena Wallenius and Nisse Simonsson